Can be gluten free
* Indicates Raw
Indicates spicy

Age Dashi Tofu - $4.99

Fried until crispy and served in a dipping sauce.

Summer Rolls - $5.50

Mixed garden vegetables, cucumber, rice noodles, shrimp served with our house sauce.

Crab Rangoon - $6.75

Six crispy Rangoon filled with crab meat, scallions and cream cheese served with house sweet and sour chili sauce

Edamame - $5.50

Steamed soy beans and lightly seasoned

Yakitori Chicken - $5.75

Chargrilled chicken skews with scallions with Japanese sweet and sour chili sauce

Spring Rolls - $4.50

Chicken or vegetable. Vegetable wrapped in spring roll skin, deep fried and served with sweet & tangy sauce.

Gyoza - $6.99

Pork dumplings steamed or fried to a golden brown

Asian Pork Bun - $8.99

Steam bun includes marinated pork, cilantro, carrots, sour mustard vegetables, spicy mayo, and hoisin sauce

* Tuna Tataki - $11.25

Seared rare tuna, thinly sliced, served chilled with a Ponzu sauce

* Asian Progression - $18.99

A sampler platter featuring Summer Rolls, Spring Rolls, Sashimi, fried dumplings and chicken yakitori

Dynamite Shrimp - $9.99

Tender shrimp, deep fried to a golden brown and tossed in our spicy lava sauce


Batter dipped, served with special Japanese dipping
Vegetable - $6.25
Shrimp & Vegetable - $7.99
All shrimp - $8.75

Salt and Pepper Calamari - $8.99

Crispy calamari, battered and fried, severed with onion and a side of tempura sauce

Chicken Lettuce Wraps - $7.99

Quickly cooked spiced chicken served with cool lettuce cups

Chicken Fingers - $8.25

6 piece white meat chicken, tempura breaded, with honey mustard or ketchup sauce

* Sushi Sampler - $8.99

One piece of tuna, one piece of shrimp and a California roll

* Sashimi Sampler - $10.99

Two pieces of salmon, tuna and white fish

Beef Skewers - $6.99

Chargrilled beef skews topped with mild spicy seasoning


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